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Swindon has had a vibrant music scene since the Forties when Johnnie Stiles And His Band were winners of the ‘Melody Maker’ All Britian Dance Band Champonship; through the mid/late Fifties when the first green shoots of Rock ‘n’ Roll began to appear; and on into the Sixties.

Swindon Music Scene was initially focused on these formative years; from the Forties, through the Sixties; when Justin Hayward was the most significant Swindon based musician to establish himself in the mainstream of popular music as a key member of The Moody Blues in 1966. However we have now widenend our scope to include any Swindon band or musician, from any period, who have been involved on the Swindon Music Scene

Our site will ultimately provide a single point of reference for all the musicians and the dance and rock bands to which they belonged, who laid down the foundations of Swindon’s musical heritage. With details of many of the bands and their personnel, backed up by a large number of mainly unpublished photographs, it will be possible to easily track the evolution of local bands, which has, with a few notable exceptions, been poorly chronicled by the media.

Please note that the base structure our website is still under development and it will then take some time to update the site with all of the the content we have already gathered. The heart of the site is based on a content management system that will enable any new details of bands, musicians, memories of gigs and photos or whatever, to be included easily and thus ensure that the site remains fresh and interesting.

We want to hear from you too! If you were involved in the Swindon Music Scene in any way, please contribute any photos, memorabilia, other items of interest or simply fond memories that you may have, to be consolidated into what we hope will grow to be the de facto archive of the Swindon music scene.

If you wish to contribute any relevant material please complete our Contact Form and we will get in touch with you. We will also keep you posted regarding new developments planned for this site.