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Dave Miller has been a musician playing in local bands for over five decades.

His first band was a skiffle group formed on March 11th 1955 and called THE RED DEVILS. He then moved on to THE FOUR ZODIACS, which was basically the same band with a different name. For the remaining part of the 50’s Dave played with JOHNNY GRAHAM AND THE DUKES, who later became THE DUKES.

As the 60’s came Dave played in a variety of bands all hoping to follow in the footsteps of the Beatles – the closest Dave got was playing all over Germany. He started the new decade in THE BEATVENDORS and migrated to THE WHISPERS and then ALL THINGS BRIGHT, for his first tour of Germany, both bands featured Justin Hayward, later to become a key member of The Moody Blues of course.

Next there was THE CORONETS, with Chris Sandford of Coronation Street fame, and then back to Swindon, where he was with Justin Hayward again in THE SHOTS. Dave finished off the 60’s with DOC JEFFERSON’S MEDICINE SHOW, returning to Germany for two further spells.

The 70’s saw Dave’s musical taste take a different direction as he joined YELLOW DOG, which he refers to as a folksy band and then a duo, with MARTIN STEVENS, calling themselves GLOBAL VILLAGE. Dave then reverted to rock music, initially playing with PERSIAN WOOD and then moving onto BRASS MONKEY.

As Dave entered the 80’s his musical preference change again with COUNTRY ROADS, then HIGH ON THE HOG, who released an album and supported various US Artists in BBC broadcasts and on the road. Dave completed the 80’s with DEALEr.

The 90’s saw Dave continuing his enthusiasm for playing live music when he got together with some acquaintances from the 60’s reforming a band called THE SOUNDCASTERS. He then moved onto playing in the Swindon based BOB BOWLES BAND and eventually migrated to THE CARTOON HEROES. They took him on into the 21st century but stopped playing in 2002….and finally Dave joined BUILT FOR COMFORT, a blues band, and is still actively involved with the band.

Dave plays a 1977 Fender Jazz bass, using a Peavey Combo 300 with 2 x 15” Black Widow cabs.